Mes Amis


Mes Amis a Gypsy Jazz trio led by guitarist, vocalist and composer Steve Lynnworth. The band plays an infectious mix of traditional Gypsy, Latin and American jazz standards along with many of Steve’s original compositions.

Appealing to listeners young and old alike, the insistent rhythms, bouncing bass lines and sweetly intricate melodies are easy on the ears for those unfamiliar with jazz, and yet can stand the scrutiny of an aficionado. As it was so aptly put by Rich Tozier, host of MPBN Radio’s Jazz Tonight, “Who couldn’t like that?

The core of the band is a trio, with Steve handling the vocals and much of the lead work. Backing him up are his friends Harry Richter on guitar and Wells Gordon on the upright bass. Harry provides "La Pompe," the steady backbeat typical of the style, while Wells delivers an authoritative thump as he holds down the bottom. Both Harry and Wells are capable soloists as well - and Wells is awful quick with his bow when necessary!

The trio is often joined by Shane Ellis, a master clarinet and sax player. Steve and Shane have a fantastic time playing together and pushing each other to new heights. Click this LINK for a little taste of them playing live together.

The band is equally comfortable as a duo in several configurations, should space or financial considerations demand!

You can check out our tunes using the player below or on our media page, and you can visit CD Baby to download our album or purchase a CD.